Auto evaluation test

Before you apply for the Master, we encourage you to try to answer the following questions.

We estimate that you will need to answer at least two third of them in order to follow successfully our Master.

  1. What is a nanoparticle?
  2. What makes nanoparticles special and interesting?
  3. How can we make nanoparticles?
  4. What types of atomic bonds are there?
  5. How can we observe nanoparticles?
  6. Please explain the Bohr model of atoms.
  7. What is Brownian motion?
  8. Atomic orbitals: Why do we have 10 transition metals in the period 4 in the periodic table of elements?
  9. Considering the electronic structure: please explain the difference between metals and semiconductors.
  10. What is a phase diagram?
  11. How can we determine the type of crystal structure of a phase
  12. Define the difference between crystalline and amorphous materials.
  13. What is a crystal/unit cell? Can you name a method to determine the crystal structure?
  14. Please explain the principle of the x-ray diffraction (XRD) method. Which information can be obtained?
  15. What is AFM and how does it work?